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Operation Jericho – The Raid That Turned Sour

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The Goal of Operation Jericho Operation Jericho is one of the most daring and bold raids of World War II. That Happened on February 18, 1944. The Raid was commissioned by the Royal Air Force (RAF) to retrieve the hostages taken by the Nazis who were being held in Amiens prison in France. The Captives of Amiens Prison In Amiens,

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World War 2 Timeline – Britain rearms and reassures Poland

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Britain rearms and gives assurance to Poland On March 31, 1939, Britain rearms and reassures Poland that it will protect it from Hitler and Nazi Germany who was being threatened by them. So to try and protect them they started to rearm them with supplies and guns and weapons. Britain also was getting ready a highly secretive radar defense system along

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