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History and especially untold history is a topic I am passionate about. Hello, my name is Adam and what I will be showing you in this website is the untold stories of World War II and possibly other untold stories of history from time to time.

Also, possibly some more well-known stories of history from time to time just to maybe help lay the groundwork for a certain scenario or such.

Or if I find it interesting enough to share but I plan on doing WW2 stories and not changing and doing other points of history.

A little backstory

I just love history and the events that led up to them. For example how Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria the only reason he got assassinated at that time is that the person driving his car Mr. Leopold Lojka took a wrong turn down a back street and that’s when the assassin Gavrilo Princip had a chance to mortally shoot and wound Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Then that spawned the Great War most commonly known today as World War I or the War to End All Wars. We all know how that plan went. Also, how when the leaders of the world meet together to discuss the Treaty of Versailles Japan was left basically out of the discussion and no one really cared about their opinion and just left them on the back burner.

So then Japan was upset about not being treated with respect and honor like all the other countries were so that laid the groundwork for World War II so Japan could get revenge.

THE GOAL OF World War II Uncovered

The goal of World War II Uncovered is plain and simple. Provide people with fun, interesting, fascinating, and quality content that they will like and enjoy and in hopes that they will learn something and be a little more knowledgeable in that part of history.

Also, so they know the context behind scenarios and events in history. Since with history and most thing’s context is very important since if you don’t know the context of something then you don’t really know the reasons for it and the reasons behind it.

Also, my hope is that people will gain a greater respect for history and learning in general so they can be more aware of the events in history. So they can talk about them and teach other people about them and give other people the knowledge so they can learn it and hopefully be entertained and enjoy it and tell some other people so we can pass the history around.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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