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This story is an interesting and an odd one from World War II. You will find out why if you read to the end. Hope you enjoy it. Now onto the story of the British Bomber Plane Captures German U-Boat.

British Bomber Plane Captures German U-Boat

It started on August 27, 1941. When U-boat 570 captained by Kapitanleutnant Hans-Joachim Rahmlow breached the surface off the coastline of Iceland.

Then almost as soon as he breached the surface and was on top of the water. James Thompson the leader at the time of a British fleet of bombers was on an anti-submarine patrol and spotted the U-boat.

Then pretty quickly after they got on the surface the captain of the U-boat, Rahmlow ordered for a crash dive since he knew they had been spotted (a crash dive is when you try to descend and sink as fast as possible to avoid enemy fire and attack) but unfortunately for them, it was too late.

Since the British bomber plane already spotted them and dropped four depth charges, one of the which hit the U-boat critically and damaged and destroyed all the lighting equipment so now everything was dark on the inside.

Then also to make it even worse Rahmlow was an inexperienced U-boat captain and did not know exactly what to do and I guess was frazzled, scared, and confused and he decided to not sink further below U-boat 570 with a British bomber near itthe surface but to breach and rise to the surface again.

The reason being was because he was afraid of a release of deadly chlorine gas presumably from the depth charges that went off. Then the crew came out on deck and then Thompson unloaded on the U-boat with the planes machine guns.

Then the U-boat crew realized how useless it was to try and attack the bomber plane with the rough seas they were having. So they just gave up and surrendered then. Then Thompson after being amazed that they just given up and surrendered that fast and easily called in on the radio for more planes and also alerted the Royal Navy to come and pick up the U-boat.

Unfortunately, it took so long for the Royal Navy to get their armed fishing boats their that the crew onboard already destroyed the code books and the Enigma machines. Then the U-boat was just towed back to Iceland and beached there while they repaired it.

There also was discovered to be no trace of chlorine gas which is what the captain feared so much and caused them to breach the surface. So only if Rahmlow and the crew were more experienced they definitely would have had a higher chance of escaping and evading capture and surrender. So then after all of this, the Royal Navy renamed the U-boat to HMS Graph.

Fun Fact:

This U-boat remains the only time that a submarine actually surrendered to an aircraft.


U-boat 570 captained by Rahmlow surrendered and was captured and acquired by the Royal Navy because Rahmlow and his crew were not so experienced and did not know exactly what to do.

In this situation and scenario so they acted wrongly and were alarmed for no reason since the thing they were afraid of chlorine gas was later found to not even of been used and there was no evidence of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and you thought it was interesting and you learned something new that you have not learned before and you can now be more knowledgeable in this area and can hopefully share this new found knowledge with some of your family and friends to show them how smart you are.

So now I have a question for you did you ever hear of this story before? Did you know about this event that happened in history? Did you or do you know anyone who went through this? Or are you related to someone who did? I would love to hear your comments below.

Once more I hope you enjoyed my story today and if you have any questions, comments or corrections, concerns or feedback then don’t hesitate to message me at I will be more than happy to talk with you about any issues you may have. Have a great blessed day hope to see you soon.
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