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You may have heard about Hermann Goering the infamous Nazi military leader in WW2 who was one of the most powerful in the Nazi Party. But have you heard about his anti-Nazi brother Albert Goering?

Albert Goering

Unlike his older brother Hermann, he was not a Nazi and often discriminated and was public about his disdain for the Nazi party. He also risked his life many times to try and save Jews from being A Photo of Albert Goeringrounded up and killed by the Nazi’s.

He moved to Austria after the Nazi Party rose to power but then as you might know Austria was captured and annexed by the Nazi’s. Even though Hermann his brother was in the Nazi Party he still did not want any harm to come to his brother.

So he keep the Gestapo (The secret police of the Nazi Party) away from his brother. Also when the Nazi’s marched into Vienna (the capital of Austria) Albert went out of his way to hand as much Jews as possible exit visas to leave Austria and to go somewhere else.

He also even stood up to Nazi’s who were making poor elderly women do shameful things like washing the street. Albert managed to save many Jews during the war even political protesters and opposers to the Nazi Regime.

He even on numerous occasions persuaded his brother Hermann to release Jews from concentration camps citing that they were “good Jews”.

Then as you might expect doing this line of work he was arrested quite a few times but his connections with his brother Hermann always helped him out and he always was able to be set free.A mugshot of Albert Goering Even when they put out a warrant for his death in 1944.

Albert also managed to run a Skoda factory in Czechoslovakia where his employees said that they were very grateful for how Albert treated them.

Even when two Nazi officers gave him the Nazi salute he told them to “kiss his butt.” Even though he did all this good charity and good deeds and tried to help out when he could. After the war was over he was held in prison for 2 years just because of being related to his brother.

When he was eventually released he was unemployed and I guess no one wanted to hire him and died penniless.

But while he was alive he was looked over by the people he helped in the war. Only more recently has he been actually been recognized and acknowledged for his bravery and what he did in the war.

It’s kinda sad though since I am sure there are many people who are like this who have risked their lives and everything just to help some people and to stand up for right and not go along with wrong in WW2 but you never really hear them.

Since I guess they were brushed under the carpet as you might say since as big of a war as WW2 was. I guess all stories cant get the spotlight and be heard like they deserve.


Hermann Goering had a brother named Albert Goering who was not a Nazi and opposed the Nazi Party and risked his life and limb numerous times to help Jews and people who were being wrongly accused and discriminated and who were being treated poorly.

Also, his story is so unheard of which just makes you think how many other people did the same thing and deserve to be honored and celebrated for their honor and bravery but never had a chance at the spotlight.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and you thought it was interesting and you learned something new that you have not learned before and you can more be more knowledgeable in this area and can hopefully share this new found knowledge with some of your family and friends to show them how smart you are.

So now I have a question for you did you ever hear of this story before? Did you know about this event that happened in history? Did you know that Hermann Goering had a brother? I would love to hear your comments below.

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