World War 2 Timeline – The Munich Agreement

Adam/ May 11, 2018/ World War II/ 0 comments

  Welcome to my second World War 2 Timeline article. Where I will talk about The Munich Agreement which basically is an agreement with Hitler that he can keep the area of Czechoslovakia that he claimed for himself in the Anschluss with Austria known as the Sudetenland. The Munich Agreement British and French prime ministers Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier signed

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The St Nazaire Raid of 1942 – Story About “The Greatest Raid of All”

Adam/ April 27, 2018/ World War II/ 4 comments

I’m sure you heard about the more well-known battles of WW2 like D-Day and the attack on Pearl Harbor etc. and rightfully so. These are very important battles and attacks which shaped the war and changed the course of WW2.  Let’s be honest though those battles get covered enough already without me adding my own opinion and writing about them. Still, if you want

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Assassination Attempts on Hitler – The Untold Story

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You may and most likely have heard that Hitler committed suicide and shot himself in his bunker in World War II when he knew Germany was losing and the Allied Powers were closing in on him but have you heard all of the times Hitler should have died but somehow did not? As its pretty obvious for obvious reasons Hitler

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About World War II Untold

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History and especially untold history is a topic I am passionate about. Hello, my name is Adam and what I will be showing you in this website is the untold stories of World War II and possibly other untold stories of history from time to time. Also, possibly some more well-known stories of history from time to time just to

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