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The Secret British Resistance of World War II

After the horrible campaign in France in 1940 which led the Nazi to take over France in a mere 6 weeks. The remaining survivors of the British Expeditionary Force and the Free French Forces banded together to form the Home Guard out of desperation since they were severely low on vehicles, ammo, and other important equipment.

Though behind closed doors and in secret Winston Churchill created a secret underground army called the Auxilary Units which managed to stay secret until the 1990s. It had 3500 members and most of them had become recruited from just the regular civilian population.

The recruits were trained in an array of tasks ranging from stealth killing, explosives, unarmed combat, and even sabotage. To avoid detection the group was assigned as Home Guard units. Even though there was a shortage of weapons and supplies they still were supplied with the best weapons they had available like the Thompson submachine gun and PIAT anti-tank rockets.

The Auxiliary Units emergency exit for their operational base.

They also were given some silenced pistols and some rifles, sticky bombs, and some single shot cartridges that could penetrate steel at almost 100 meters down range (over 300 ft away). They also had operation bases they built which were 4.5 meters (about 15 feet) underground.

They each held about 6-8 men in them with their equipment and weeks worth of supplies. This was all in case an invasion happened. So know I will give you an example of what would have happened if an invasion had happened.

If an invasion had happened they were supposed to attack and disrupt German communication lines, railways, airfields, fuel, and supply dumps, and senior German officers. Possibly the most disturbing thing about this is that if you were a British person caught collaborating or helping the occupying German forces they had the right to just kill you.

Luckily they were never used but it was nice having them in case an invasion happened since the Germans would not be expecting an organized resistance so soon after an invasion. So after they disbanded most of the recruits joined other units and fought and helped out in the war.


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