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Britain rearms and gives assurance to Poland

On March 31, 1939, Britain rearms and reassures Poland that it will protect it from Hitler and Nazi Germany who was being threatened by them. So to try and protect them they started to rearm them with supplies and guns and weapons.

Britain also was getting ready a highly secretive radar defense system along the east coast which could detect if the Germans were closing in on them.

So they could have a little bit of an early warning and so they prepare and try to get things ready for a counterattack against the German army.


Sorry for the extremely short length of this article. I could not find much info online that talks about this. I hope it’s not too bad and short but I am determined to talk about even the small events in World War 2 and give a little info on them.

Since sometimes the smallest things pack the biggest punch or significance. Once again sorry for the short length of the article. I feel like there will be more in the future that are short and not long stories like this one.

So I hope you can understand that and all is good. Moving on though once again as always thank you for reading my article even though how short it is. Thank you for helping me out and helping me to grow this website out into a big World War 2 hotspot for anyone interested in World War 2 stories to come to check out.

Even though however short it may be I hope you learned something from it and maybe World War 2 makes a little more sense knowing the small events that led up to it and how it came to be and such. I hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you next time and maybe you can share this small but important knowledge with someone about World War 2.

Once again thank you and have a great blessed day. Also if you have any questions or feedback or then please put them in the comments below or send me an email at I promise I don’t bite.

P.S. I guess this is such a lesser-known part of the war that I can not even find a reliable picture of it so once again sorry for that.

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