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Hello and once again welcome back to my World War II timeline series. Where I start from the beginning of World War II and go all the way up to the surrender by the Japanese and the war ending on 2 Sept 1945. So I hope you enjoy and learn something from today’s post. Now onto the story of the German Invasion of Poland.

The German Invasion Of Poland

The German Invasion of Poland kicked off at 4:45 am On September 1st. When some 1.5 million German troops invaded Poland all along its 1,750-mile border.

As Nazi Germany was invading and attacking Poland there also was at the same time the German Hitler Invades Poland NewspaperLuftwaffe (The Nazi Air Force) which were bombing Polish airfields. Also, there was German warships and U-boats which attacked Poland’s Navy which was stationed in the Baltic Sea.

Hitler said that the whole reason he attacked and invaded Poland was that it was for his defense and he was doing it to protect himself.

France and Britain did not believe Hitler’s reason as to why he attacked Poland so then they declared war on Germany just two days later on the third of September. Which as you might know is what initiated World War II.

Eliminating The Soviet Threat

Also as you might recall in my last WW2 timeline article. To eliminate the possibility of the Soviet Union coming to the aid of Poland and or just attacking Germany or both.

The Soviet Union and Germany signed a nonaggression pact so the two would not attack each other. Also in the pact, there was a secret agreement which stated that Poland would be divided between Germany and the Soviet Union.

The Backstory Of The Invasion

Hitler also previously planned for the Invasion of Poland on the 26th of August but since on the 25th of August. Britain signed a treaty with Poland promising help and military aid if they were attacked.

Hitler postponed the invasion until the early morning on September 1st, 1939. So then on August 31st at 8 pm Nazi S.S. troops dressed in Polish uniforms staged a fake invasion of Germany.

Damaging numerous but minor German outposts on Germany’s side of the border. Also to make it seem more believable of a Polish invasion on the Germans they also even left behind multiple dead concentration camp prisoners with Polish uniforms.

The Invasion Begins

It all started off at 4:45 am on the morning of September 1st. Then also Nazi diplomats and propagandists were running around frantically like a chicken with its head chopped off.

Trying to stop a war from happening with western powers like France and Britain. To no avail sinceHitler saluting some troops on September 2nd, Britain and France demanded Germany stop and pull its troops out by September 3rd or they would face war.

So then as I’m sure you know Germany did not pull its troops out and stop invading Poland. So it happened on September 3rd at 11 pm the ultimatum with Germany had passed and then just a short 15 minutes later.

The British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain formally announced and declared war on Germany. Shortly thereafter Australia, New Zealand, and India joined to in declaring war on Germany. France declared war with Germany at 5 pm.

Germany’s Advancement

Germany advanced at a fast, and disorienting pace using a military strategy known as the blitzkrieg, or “lightning war,”. Using armored groups of German troops they would just break through enemy lines like it was no one’s business and break Poland’s troops off into little sections surrounded by German soldiers and a tankthe enemy where they would capture them and take them in motorized Germany infantry.

Then as all of this is happening they were sending their Panzer tanks forward to just rinse and repeat this operation. In the meantime, the German air force was bombing Polish airports and making them obsolete and unable to use while giving support for the advancing infantry and even bombing some Polish cities to establish their dominance and to terrify the enemy.

Poland’s Army

Poland managed to mobilize and gather an attacking force of 1 million soldiers but unfortunately, they were just unmatched for the size of the German army and just the strategic minds of the German army and just unmatched in basically all aspects to the Germans.

Also instead of Poland just staying back and defending and holding a strong defensive line. They sent soldiers forward to try and take and hold back and defeat some of the Germans which did notPolands Army work.

Since Germany just routinely would capture them or just outright kill them. In a famous horrible strategic decision, Poland sent calvary like it was the Civil War or even WW1 to attack the Germans which stood absolutely no threat at all to the German tanks.

Then within only a week since the invasion started Germany traveled 140 miles to the outreaches of Warsaw (Poland’s capital).

Poland’s Taken Over

Poland’s Army tried their hardest to hold out in a hope that some other country would mount an attack on the Germans and fight them back.

But unfortunately it never happened and all hope was lost on September 17th when the Soviet Unions forces invaded. Then the day after Poland’s government and military leaders fled the country and were like I’m out of here see ya Poland.

Then 11 days later on Septemeber 28th only 27 days that’s almost only 4 weeks after the invasionGerman soldiers started. Poland was forced into submission and had no other option than to surrender to Germany and the Soviet Union.

Later on that same day Germany and the Soviet Union carried out their deal laid out in the nonaggression pact with Germany and the Soviet Union. That split Poland into different areas for each side to control and take hold of and have as their own.


Germany invaded Poland on September 1st at 4:45 am in the early morning and Poland stood no chance against Germany’s military strategy and infantry and tanks and planes bombing their airports and their cities.

Poland finally succumbed to Germany and the Soviet Union and surrendered on the 28th of
September 1939. Just a little under 4 weeks only 27 days since the invasion started.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and you thought it was interesting and you learned something new that you have not learned before and you can now be more knowledgeable in this area and can hopefully share this new found knowledge with some of your family and friends to show them how smart you are.

So now I have a question for you did you ever hear of this story before? Did you know about this event that happened in history? Did you or do you know anyone who went through this? Or are you related to someone who did? I would love to hear your comments below.

Once more I hope you enjoyed my story today and if you have any questions, comments or corrections, concerns or feedback then don’t hesitate to message me at I will be more than happy to talk with you about any issues you may have. Have a great blessed day hope to see you soon.

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